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Lean Production e sicurezza



CENTRO STUDI APPLICATI with the help of highly specialized technicians, finds and identifies all those activities that give added value to the production.

To live constantly production problems, being specialized in building masks and equipment to facilitate fittings; in-person problem-solving design and product development, constantly working with Technical Personnel, under the temporary or manpowering arrangements of highly specialized staff, are some of the priorities that you have in CENTRO STUDI APPLICATI.

These prerogatives have enabled us to develop over time our ability to problem solving, experiencing and addressing problems daily.

What our technicians are doing every day, because they work constantly with technical offices and production offices, is pragmatic in dealing with the problems by finding the best solution to solve them, with the help of people who work for years in the company.

This is the strength of CENTRO STUDI APPLICATI and that is what we know to do better:

  • - Study and redefine corporate layouts
  • - Analysis of cost reduction in production or technical office
  • - Analisys of make or buy
  • - Reorganizing logistical and productive using the principles of lean
  • - Manufacturing and wherever possible also the industry's own tools 4.0
  • - Complex turnaround interventions in the industrial area

But we don’t stop at pure and simple advice.
We are able to support the processes of change in the industrial area through the design and supply of:

  • - Equipments
  • Machines
  • Assembly lines
  • industrial plants