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Water treatment



CENTRO STUDI APPLICATI offers a full service, utilizing the experience and work of local artisans, starting from design, then building and assembly, and finally on site assistance.

Each stage is followed by a highly prepared workgroup that can offer several solutions for the water purification industry, always meeting customer needs by offering new technologies and different experiences forefront.

Our strength lies in the design of the fully customized machine according to customer's requirements, including on-site installation and after-sales service.


  1. BULKHEADS: a wide range of manual, mechanical or automatic bulkheads
  2. GRIDS: wide range of grids for separating suspended solids. Fine and gross grinding machines are available.
  3. THICKENERS: wide range of thickeners for sedimentation of sludge.
  4. COBBLESTONES: several options of circular cobbles and bridges go and come.
  5. COMPACTORS: various compactor sizes for different treatment plants.
  6. CONVEYORS: various sizes.


  1. Preliminary and feasibility study.
  2. Process engineering.
  3. Plant design.
  4. Turnkey construction or management of supplying companies.
  5. Restructuring and/or maintenance of existing installation.


CENTRO STUDI APPLICATI design waste selection facilities, specific plants for the treatment, transport and sorting of recyclable materials such as paper, differentiated collections, multimaterials, similar and industrial waste.The good success of the treatment of waste fractions is mainly linked to the selection that is operated at the origin, greatly improving the recovery rate.

Waste selection facilities generally allow to select the various materials from different collections such as paper, plastic bottles, wood, aluminum tins and iron.

Each of the plants is different because it depends on the quantities and materials to be selected.

CENTRO STUDI APPLICATI offers more varied solutions ranging from basic systems for manual or mechanical selection up to more complex installations that include specific and increasingly complex machinery and equipment to achieve results in full compliance with current waste disposal regulations.


  1. Preliminary and feasibility study.
  2. Design.
  3. Restructuring and/or maintenance of existing installation.